Erikin tarina - herokuva

Erik Machalék 

A dream of working abroad led to Finland

I came to Finland from Slovakia 1½ years ago when I was 22 years old. It was my dream to work somewhere abroad, so I looked online for job offers. Originally, I had planned travelling maybe to the U.K. but then I found Jormet and thought “Finland – why not”. 


When in doubt, Google helps

The days at Jormet are very different from working in Slovakia. I used to work for a company that produces much smaller parts than Jormet does. The atmosphere here at Jormet is very different, too. In Slovakia, the hierarchy is much stronger. Here people are friendly, even the boss is. We get along with English and if we have trouble understanding each other, Google helps.

I’m currently living in Varkaus some 20 kilometers away from Joroinen. In my free time, I play soccer in a team and I’ve also found some friends from the gym. The people from Jormet have helped me to settle down in here in Finland. You never know about the future, but so far I have enjoyed my stay and work here.


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