Sirpan tarina - herokuva

Sirpa Ikonen

More than 20 years at Jormet

I've been working at Jormet for over 20 years. I graduated from the region's first metal course for women in the late 1990s, did an internship at Jormet and was asked to work full-time soon after.

"It's rewarding to see how things can be done better"

I began my career as a machinist. Gradually my tasks expanded to tool maintenance and then to dispatching. As I gained more experience, I moved on to work planning and then to my current position.

At Jormet, I’ve always been able to learn something new. In my current position I enjoy going to the machinery on a daily basis and following production close by. For us it’s important that we keep our promises to our customers. It is even better if we are ready ahead of time.

As my tasks have changed, developing and improving operations has become increasingly important to me. "This has always been done, and this is what we need to do ahead of us" – that world of thought has disappeared in me. It's rewarding to see how things can be done better.


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